Occupational First Aid

Occupational First Aid (3 – 4 days)


Equip the student with thorough knowledge and skill in first aid techniques ranging from CPR, choking, basic medical conditions to dealing with bleeding and shock. It enables the participants to deal with most emergency incidents within and around their workplace

Training Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the responsibilities of a First Aider
  • Understand and demonstrate essential life saving techniques
  • Identify and administer first aid to medical and Trauma emergencies

Identify risks to others at the workplace

  • The participants will learn
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Incident Management
  • Communication and Delegation in emergency
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Triage
  • Life threatening conditions
  • Unconscious and NO Breathing (Resuscitation/CPR)
  • Unconscious BUT Breathing (Recovery Position)
  • Disorders of Airway and Breathing: (Hypoxia, Choking, Asthma, Hyperventilation, Drowning)
  • Disorders of Circulation (Bleeding, Shock, Heart Disorders, Fainting)
  • Poisons and Poisoning in the Workplace
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Head Injuries (Concussion, Compression, Skull Fracture)
  • Medical Conditions, Epilepsy, Diabetes.
  • Fractures and Soft tissue injuries
  • Specifics hazards in the work place
  • Lifting and Carrying
  • Contents of a First Aid Box
  • Examination at the end of the course.