Child Care First Aid

Child Care First aid (First Aid for babies and children) -1 day

This Course aims to provide first aid knowledge and skills relevant for those caring for babies and young children


This course is suitable for Parents, child minders and staff caring for children in schools, nurseries, Churches, pre-schools, etc.

Training Objectives:

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe and demonstrate emergency First Aid for babies and children
  • Take care of the baby/child until a more qualified help arrives
  • Identify and administer first aid to medical and Trauma emergencies
  • Identify risks to babies and children in the home and or workplace

The student will learn

  • Incident management
  • Basic home and work safety
  • Responsibilities of a First Aider
  • Ways to Preventing cross infection
  • How to handle unconscious Children and Infants
  • How to perform CPR for babies and infants
  • Child and Infant Choking
  • Wounds and bleeding first aid
  • Febrile Seizures, Epilepsy, Diabetes and Asthma
  • Burns first aid
  • Poisoning
  • Fractures and soft tissue injuries


First Aid for Children

Children are some of the most lovely beings known to humanity. We love them for their sincerity, their innocence and the joy and sense of fulfilment that they bring to our homes. But children are also one of the most delicate parts of our lives, and we hurt when they hurt. 

Given their adventurous nature, children are prone to many risks in their play, eating and when relating with other kids. This brings forth the importance of training care givers on first aid for children.

If your church runs a Sunday school, operate kids fun parks such as bouncing castles, or if you have a kindergarten where you handle many kids from diverse backgrounds, it may profit you to know that some of the children under your care might be suffering from health conditions such as asthma and epilepsy. Besides, kids could get injured in their play, where you or your staff might be required to attend to such emergencies before calling the kids’ parents, who might be away at work. 

With good training on first aid for children, your staff will be better equipped to stabilize even some of the worst life threatening conditions in children. In this way, you will create greater confidence in your facility, with parents knowing that their kids are in safe hands while at your centre.

A good place to get this kind of training is at Health Mark. Health Mark Trainers is one of Kenya’s leading trainers on emergency response for children. Besides offering such training to institutions such as schools and children entertainment parks, Health Mark Trainers can also train your domestic staff on how to respond to emergencies at home.